Dave Bennett, Certified Level II Project Adventure Instructor
Dave Bennett, Certified Level II Project Adventure Instructor

Our group uses the forest as its classroom. Academics are introduced through practice and techniques associated with woodlot management.

A typical morning begins with review of safety standards, making sure tools and gear are in good working order and discussing the day’s schedule. Days often involve activities such as fabricating parts in the machine shop, harvesting trees in the woodlot or doing maintenance on the Ropes Course. Revenues from forest activities are reinvested back into the program for supplies and equipment.

The Outdoor Challenge course is made available to local schools and organizations. Students assist participants in navigating through such elements as the Zip Line, Flying Squirrel (appropriately named) and Climbing Wall to name but a few.

Bryce Greene - Forestry

Student of the 2nd Quarter – Bryce Greene

Forestry Group 2016



  • When buying tools and equipment always try to buy the best quality your budget can afford – you get what you pay for!
  • When the chips get smaller, the saw runs hotter and your back hurts more – it’s time to sharpen the chain on your saw.
  • We found that a 6 pound maul works best for splitting firewood.
  • An average cord is made up of 466 pieces of firewood.