1. How is MapleStone different than public school?

MapleStone is a Special Purpose Private School approved by the Department of Education and serves as an alternative placement for students with significant learning and emotional disabilities.

2. What are the eligibility requirements?

Students attending MapleStone need to be coded and have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

3. What area/districts do you serve?

We serve schools in Southern Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

4. What is your school schedule?

School runs 4 days a week Tuesday through Friday from 8 AM to 3 PM.

5. Is your school state certified?

Yes, we are certified through the Maine Department of Education. MapleStone staff is Special Education certified as well as certified in CPR and Safety Care/Restraint Training.

6. What is the first step in visiting your program?

Contact your Special Education Director in your school district to express interest in our program and in setting up a tour. Students need to be referred by their sending school districts.

7. How do you get credits?

Credits are recommended by MapleStone and are granted by sending school district.

8. What is your storm cancellation policy?

MapleStone is cancelled when Acton School is cancelled. Cancellations are aired on WCSH Channel 6 and will be listed under Acton (Maine) School.

9. Where is your school calendar?

The school calendar is located on the side bar of our website “School Calendar”.

10. What is your educational environment like?

Each program has its own designated area for themed based academics, both on campus and off. For more information about Themed Programs click on the tab “Themed Programs”.

11. What is the number of students enrolled in your school?

It ranges from 25-35 students.

12. What is the age range of the students?


13. What type of staff do you employ?

All our staff is Special Education certified through the State of Maine. We also have a full time Social Worker (LSCW) on staff.

14. Is MapleStone a residential program?

No, we are a day program only.