Scott Hart, ESCG Instructor
Scott Hart, ESCG Instructor

The Environmental Science/Carpentry Group (ESCG) take great pride in our “listen and learn” approach to education. Refining one’s ability to collaboratively “brain-storm” and problem solve coupled with a rigorous academic component, is what this group is all about.

Currently, the ESCG is in the final stages of completing a solar heating system. The system is designed to heat the classroom space and attached greenhouse. The group has also done some fundraising efforts which have included building energy efficient storm windows and frames and providing a map & info display for a local hiking club.

Damion Jobes - Environmental Sciences-Carpentry

 Student of the 2nd Quarter – Damion Jobes

Community Service plays an important role in the group – helping students to build a “sense of community”. This year has found students shoveling snow and providing firewood to an elderly neighbor in need; building bird houses and bat houses that will be used in a local land trust project. Lending a hand in a nearby town’s Toys for Tots program has become a tradition for this group.

“MEASURE TWICE, CUT ONCE” – Author Unknown

Environmental Science/Carpentry Group 2016



  • When putting in a garden remember to plant seeds twice the depth of the diameter of the seed.
  • Prune no more than 1/3 of a fruit tree per season.
  • Always have a plan before you glue your project pieces together!