Mark Beauchesne, Carpentry Instructor
Mark Beauchesne, Carpentry Instructor

The Carpentry Group works with many of the tools related to the trade:  saws, drills, sanders, stationary shop equipment, squares, tape measures and more.  In addition to the standard tools, MapleStone offers a unique opportunity to work in our own sawmill with lumber provided by our Forestry Group.

Many of our projects are community service based.  Over the years, we have built many sheds for surrounding towns –  a salt and sand shed in Acton and a Transfer Station Shed for the town of Shapleigh, to name a few.  We also apply our woodworking skills to the Grahamtastic Connection.  We build Adirondack chairs, pub tables and other furniture products for their benefit auction.  Our most recent contributions, a coffee table and an Adirondack chair, netted $250.00 for the charity.

Alex Brodeur - Carpentry

Student of the 2nd Quarter – Alex Brodeur

Our sawmill is used to produce much of the raw materials used in our framing and woodworking projects.  All group members have the opportunity to work the sawmill.  We learn how to produce industry standard framing materials.

Carpentry Group 2016



  • We try to work smarter; not harder!
  • Always square up end of board before measuring and cutting
  • We partially air dry (PAD) our rough sawn lumber for one year before using on furniture type projects.